Welcome to our course on environmental problems. Your and your childrens' future is at risk if we do not change our habits and take action for a better planet.

This unit deals with various environmental aspects and you will also meet people who decided to take some action.

Check out this new Moodle course page with lots of fascinating resources and activities to do with climate change and its effects. Great for a tutorial or lesson using the interactive climate map or the animation, followed by the Moodle activities as ideas on your interactive whiteboard.

  • no enrolment key needed
  • for use in Tutorials, Science in Society, Evironmental Science, Geography, Sociology, Citizenship, General Studies, Critical Thinking (assess peer-reviewed script on Wake Up animation), ICT and Entrepreneurship or any other situation.
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This unit teaches you a way to look at environmental topics. It then has you look at your own lifestyle and evaluate your impact on the environment.